The Keynes Society was founded in 2002, and is the alumni society for Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats. It is for:

  • former members of Cambridge University Liberal Club (1886-1988)
  • former members of Cambridge University Social Democrats (1981-8)
  • former members of Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats (1988-2017)
  • former members of Cambridge University Liberal Association (2017-present)
  • Cambridge alumni in the Liberal Democrats

Membership lasts for life, and is free.

All alumni are invited to come to our annual summer garden party in May Week, and our annual dinner.

We recently re-launched the Keynes Society, and from now on will endeavour to send all known alumni a termly update which includes details of upcoming events. We are always incredibly happy to hear from alumni, so if you have any queries or information about the society, its history, other people who were in the society, then please get in touch with us.

Some of our Alumni

Alumni of the society and its predecessors who we have records of include:

Harold Abrahams

1924 Olympic gold medallist whom the film Chariots of Fire is based on

Kenneth Adam

President 1929-30

Controller of BBC television 1957-61

Ernest William Barnes

Committee member 1899-1901

Scientist, Mathematician, Bishop of Birmingham 1924-1953

Martin Bell

Publicity Officer and Librarian 1960

Journalist, Independent MP 1997-2001

Norman Birkett

Liberal MP 1923-4 & 1929-31, barrister, and judge at the Nuremburg trials

Vincent Cable

(Elected) President in 1964

Lib Dem MP 1997-2019, Secretary of State for Business 2010-2015

Robert Chote

Chair 1988

, Director of the Institute of Fiscal Studies 2002-10, Chairman of the Office of Budget Responsibility 2010-present

Clement Davies

Liberal MP 1929-62, Leader of the Liberal Party 1945-56

Sir Hugh Foot

President 1927-8

Diplomat, Governor of Jamaica 1951-7, UK Ambassador to the United Nations 1964-70

John Maynard Keynes

President 1904-5


Mervyn King

Treasurer 1968

Governor of the Bank of England 2003-present

Bertrand Russell

Secretary 1892

Philosopher, historian and mathematician